I found Alicia to be very friendly, very professional and quite able to get things done. She was honest and very concerned about my tax situation. She was down to earth and I was very comfortable in my dealings with her. In some situations you feel like you’re just another client, but Alicia made me feel as if I was the most important client she had. She consistently followed up with me to make sure everything was going okay. Her communication skills were great and she explained the process so I would know what I needed to do. She negotiated with the IRS and I was pleased with my outcome. I wholly recommend her without reservations.

Judy McMahan

Like most people having to deal with the IRS, I was terrified. As a last resort I consulted craigslist one evening and found a name and number of someone I didn’t know and had very little faith in their ability to help me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an IRS (EA) Enrolled Agent which meant she spoke their language, but was on my side.

She stood up for me, negotiated a settlement, and established a payment plan that I could manage. I am now in complete compliance tax-wise and I met a new friend with tax super powers, and her fees are more than reasonable.

If you are having any tax issues, do yourselves a favor, get yourself a tax superhero.

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(she works for Abell Tax}


Not only is Alicia extremely well-versed as it relates to tax law, but through the process she was very patient in taking the time to explain to me in every day language each step she pursued.
I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome, and highly recommend her.

Roy Kirby

Alicia is the consummate tax professional. I found her on Craigslist and had very low expectations until I spoke with her and realized the expertise she brings to the table. She took control of my tax situation and within a few days had my stress level reduce as she laid out a great plan of attack. Her communication is impeccable. She was able to get a response from the IRS that I was unable to obtain. I am convinced they would rather work with Enrolled Agents versus the common taxpayer. She is strategic in her approach and detailed with her explanation of the process. I hate to post this as I don’t want to see her rates increase, but you can’t find a better value for the service she delivers. She will be a critical resource for me going forward as she will handle ALL of my future returns. Textbook execution of how to establish a Customer For Life relationship. THANK YOU ALICIA!

Tag Wagner

True Story I was in a tax mess crisis because of tax preparers who really were not certified ,or knowledgeable in regards to any tax laws, or proper way to prepare a tax return. They were not up to date with updates to that had been made. I had no idea what to do. And the killer was the tax preparer had the nerve to go with me to the audit in the Federal Building. He knew nothing, his credentials were not current. I was in the worst position a person could possibly be in. I was certain I would go to jail. And then there’s Alicia what can I say not only did she work it out, my tax penalties were reduced. I was place on the right path. And we’re not talking 1-years worth of taxes that the incompetent person did I’m talking several years. He came highly recommended from another co-worker. That was my first mistake. Alicia was able to redo, negotiate and fix all of my tax issues very quickly. I will always use her as long as she is in business many thanks Alicia.

Gigi Diaz

Alicia helped me remove and reduce my State and Federal Tax Liens that were close to 10,000.00 dollars combined. She had it done within 3 days. Only ONE paycheck was affected. What a saving grace. Now I have very small payments to make each month. I could not have asked for anything better. She is my hero. I was so depressed and panicked about it, I could not even function. She took care of it all in a timely and well done manner. Thank You Alicia.