Comprehensive tax services and debt solutions for individuals and businesses

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Meet the Owner


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Alicia Curry, CFE, EA Licensed and Certified

Abell Tax is a home-based business located in the Baltimore, Maryland area providing services to Taxpayers worldwide with United States filing requirements. The company was organized on the belief that there exists a far more troubling issue than a Taxpayer's tax return, which is that of tax debt and collection.

As the owner, I am determined to operate my company with the ability to offer Taxpayer's reasonable service prices and a preferred direct relationship with their tax professional. Abell Tax's mission is to provide Taxpayers the same exceptional representation and expertise at affordable prices compared to other Authorized Tax Representatives so your money may be further saved or used towards your tax debt and resolution.

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Our comprehensive and personalized services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Preparation of current, prior year, and amended tax returns
FBAR filing (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)
Offer in Compromise
Installment Agreement
Currently Not Collectible
Penalty Abatement
Levy, wage garnishment, and lien release
Tax withholding and estimated payment review
Small business bookkeeping and other accounting services
Forensic accounting and fraud examination


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Like most people having to deal with the IRS, I was terrified. As a last resort I consulted craigslist one evening and found a name and number of someone I didn’t know and had very little faith in their ability to help me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an IRS (EA) Enrolled Agent which meant she spoke their language, but was on my side.

She stood up for me, negotiated a settlement, and established a payment plan that I could manage. I am now in complete compliance tax-wise and I met a new friend with tax super powers, and her fees are more than reasonable.

If you are having any tax issues, do yourselves a favor, get yourself a tax superhero.

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(she works for Abell Tax}


Alicia helped me remove and reduce my State and Federal Tax Liens that were close to 10,000.00 dollars combined. She had it done within 3 days. Only ONE paycheck was affected. What a saving grace. Now I have very small payments to make each month. I could not have asked for anything better. She is my hero. I was so depressed and panicked about it, I could not even function. She took care of it all in a timely and well done manner. Thank You Alicia.


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